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I love wildlife and I often miss it while living in Cape Town. When holidaying in Botswana, we took a trip out to Mokolodi Nature Reserve, just outside Gaborone. We went for a game drive but also to see their sanctuary, which looks after injured animals, and reptile section.

The bush was very thick, so saw very little on the drive but managed a few impala, warthog, a mother and young Giraffe as well as many butterflies which were in the thousands all over the city.

The reptile and sanctuary was pretty exciting. On the bird side, there was a very large Lappet-faced vulture, a couple of white-backed vultures (I think), a yellow-billed kite, an eagle owl, a Martial Eagle and I think a Barn Owl. Repiles were: a few spitting cobras, an African Rock Python, some fat Puff Adders and a lizard.