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Mass Hysteria “Funnier Than Parliament” was recently held at Grand West.  Hosted by Whacked Entertainment and included some of the country’s best, the crowd was left in stitches, as was I.

The line-up and new parliamentary cabinet was:

  •  Casper de Vries – Minister of Twitter
  • Tumi Morake – Minister of International Affairs & Pan-African Children
  • Kurt Schoonraad – Minister of Flats, Wind & Box Wine
  • Marc Lottering – Minister of Interior Design
  • Mark Banks – Minister of Environment, Bungalows, Pest Control & Barcoding
  • John Vlismas – Minister with no portfolio, but swears to tell the truth
  • Nick Rabinowitz – Minister of Samp and Kosher Beans
  • Ndumiso Lindi – Roosta-in-Chief